2021 Shop Update

I guess I should start off by apologizing for my long silence. 2020 was tough on lots of us, and I was right in the middle of relocating my home and lab when the lock-down came last March. We had planned for the move, so I had stopped production before the 2019 holiday season. I was planning to take  -some-  time off…. but certainly not a year and a half!!

I am at a crossroads now. I had hoped to find new customers in this area by signing up for a weekly booth at the Farmer’s Market. My physical disabilities make that a daunting prospect, but I was resolved to do it…. until. Sigh. No farmer’s markets, no holiday craft fairs, and veteran soap makers already established here are just too many obstacles for me.  I have ALWAYS dragged my feet on internet marketing/sales, because of the difficulty/added expense of shipping my products in extreme temperatures, but I decided I will have to give it a shot, or permanently close my proverbial shop doors.

In an attempt to find my way back to business, I am selling off some of my wholesale equipment. Soap has never sold as well for me as my other products, so I am probably going to be removing it and some other products from the product line and only making them for my own family, in future. My body lotions, face line, and hair care products are where I really shine, so I am going to concentrate on those, and stick with it. I will not be offering wholesale or consignment terms on anything, and I will have to make smaller batches than I used to, due to worsening arthritis and complications from my prior back fracture/continuing spinal collapse,  but I am going for it. (I have now lost 1.5″ in height, which certainly doesn’t help my BMI stats OR my productivity, as I am sure you can imagine.)

Because shipping costs are higher than ever,  I’ve increased my minimum order amount for free shipping to $100, and the flat rate fee on smaller orders to $10. All products currently in stock with the Gypsum location labels have been marked down accordingly. The bar soaps are actually better than ever for the aging time, and all the lotions are absolutely lovely, still, so please consider stocking up. I donated and gave away a lot of my Men’s line and all the wax melts and scented sprays and don’t plan to bring those back. Unisex body products are the right path for me, and I am going to stay in that lane in future. I hope you will join me there! Thank you for your patience, and for the encouraging check-ins from those who value my products and haven’t given up on me. I am aware that no one else makes a roll-on natural deodorant like mine, and am determined to offer that product again very soon for those who are waiting. I am pretty sure my regular customers have tried all the natural alternatives on the market, and they still want MINE. Look for that product to be the first one added back to the shop. Next, the new face line pictured above, which I never really added to the site but sold locally to such great acclaim that I am discontinuing the original Face Dew line altogether. After that, Hair Dew. I PROMISE.

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