Hair Dew feedback

Sold some Hair Dew to a hair stylist friend of mine this week (I didn’t specifically ask her permission to share her name, so I won’t, just yet). Her hair looked okay when I saw her afterward, yesterday, but not as nice as I had expected, so I grilled her and sure enough, she had washed twice because the first wash “didn’t leave her hair feeling clean”. I laughed and told her that I would bet money that it had been clean, but not stripped, and she just wasn’t used to that feeling, but to please trust me and do it just once next time, and then to indulge me even more and let it air dry afterwards.
She called me a little while ago from a friend’s house, who is another local hair stylist. “You should see my hair TODAY!” she starts out, and then says that HE wants some now, how much is it, and can she come pick up a set right now? grin emoticon grin emoticon grin emoticon
Turns out she has beautiful curls … who knew? lol. I just saw them and felt them. More importantly, it seems like she is happy with her curls so maybe she won’t have to be dragging out the hot iron every day any more. Because she has been a hair dresser for almost 40 years, of COURSE she colors her hair, so she will test for us whether it fades her color or not over time, and who better to report on that, right…? grin again. I will of course report back honestly as to how that all goes.

I am grinning like the Cheshire cat here. And I am going into the lab momentarily to make a big batch of the new natually scented line of Hair Dew. I can’t decide what to call it, though, and could use some help. It is soft, and floral, and I might just go with “Soft”… but that seems sort of lazy, or at the least unimaginative. I have a “Just Fresh” scent already that is popular in hair and soap, and am about to release a “Just Clean” scent in Sugar Scrub. What do you think of “Soft”? Soft Summer Breeze was one of my first thoughts, but that seems too wordy… plus I would like to offer it year round. Suggestions welcomed. Hair Dew Just Fresh 😆




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