Artificial fragrance versus all-natural scent

Natural fragrance is always best. Period – with no ifs, ands, buts,  or other qualifiers. Nevertheless, I still do use regular “fragrance” in some of my products, and I want to make this policy clear.

Fragrance enjoys a special niche in cosmetics in that fragrances are a total mystery as far as their ingredients are concerned. The FDA has decreed that fragrances may be a trade secret, and that means that manufacturers are not required to disclose any of their ingredients. This means that you might be exposed to a “nasty” (such as a paraben) from one of my products when you choose one listing “Fragrance” on the label, without the qualifier of (Natural). I do source my ingredients carefully, but cannot swear absolutely that my artficial fragrances are entirely free of nasty substances, due to that legal loophole.

I offer all-natural fragrance options in almost all products (and am busily working on crafting up-to-my-standard versions of the others) and I encourage you to stick to those, but artificial fragrances are still the most popular, overall, and thus far, they work much better in my hair dew line. At this point, I use them mostly because customers really like fragrance.

If you see the words Fragrance (Natural) on a product label, it means I have used a combination of essential oils or a certified natural blend to achieve the final scent. (Most times I list all the oils used individually, but sometimes space is an issue and instead I use just the single listing.)

If you see the word “Fragrance” on one of my labels without the qualifier of Natural, then the product does contain an artificial scent. Artificial scents should be avoided by persons with compromised health or a sensitivity to fragrance.  

It boils down to this, in my mind – if fragrance is the ONLY suspect ingredient used, then your (and my) overall risk is FAR lower than it would be with any traditional product that was purposely preserved with parabens (which is most products) and which probably contains a lot of other nasties, as well.

Part of this journey is about education, and it is a journey for me too, so you can expect to see more and more Re-Dew products offering only natural fragrance as time goes on. It is my sincere hope to transition all of us over to using natural fragrances, exclusively, and to educate as many people as I can about cosmetic (and home product) safety issues along the way.

What is your own stance on artificial fragrance? Did you know about these issues already, or is all of this news to you?

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