New Face Products

I have been hard at work in the lab creating new Face Dew and Face Wash options. I have been testing them all year, and they are almost ready for their big Debut!

Our new Honey & Lemon Face Wash is non-exfoliating, unlike the original, and it is a lovely, bubbly white with an even consistency that many people seem to prefer. It is more shelf-stable so it can be packaged in a regular squeeze bottle, eliminating the need for pricier, airless pumps. This change will help me to keep my prices constant in the face of steeply rising prices for raw materials and packaging. Unfortunately, I will be forced to increase the price on our original exfoliating Daily Face Wash very soon (my first price increase in five years of business.)

Our new Honey Lemon Face Dew features jojoba oil and a fresh, light, all-natural scent. 

If you are a regular purchaser of our original Face Dew products, you can expect to receive free samples of our new products in the mail very soon! I look forward to and as always, greatly appreciate your honest feedback – since I cannot fix any problem until I am aware of it.

You can expect to see these products added to the Online Shop by next week.

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