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Time for a new/old scent to return – but which one?

help Getting ready to produce mass quantities of Hair Dew; seeking your input:

I am going to keep the all natural Bliss scent in the lineup permanently, and I still plan to add an all natural option that will appeal to men as well (maybe sandalwood and cedar or frankincense with touches of orange and just a hint of cinnamon). One day I would like to make a lavender option too. I am also going to keep the universally popular Just Fresh option in the lineup until further notice, since it is my best seller and the one I turn to most often myself.

Hair DewBut I just finished up some of this older citrus basil this morning, and man-oh-man do I miss THAT aroma! But, I am torn. I have some delicious smelling cucumber melon as well, and I really miss having that one on hand in lotion. My Grand-Angel Brandi would vote for cucumber melon, I know, because she used some of my older lotion in that scent last weekend and raved about it.

What to do????  I think that whichever one I go with, I should make it in both shampoo and lotion, and I can’t make both …. If you want to over rule the Grand-Angel, better speak up, I guess, LOL.