Winter Market 2018

Thank you to everyone who came to see us at yesterday’s Winter Market. Your wonderful feedback followed by a complete sell-out of our just-restocked Menthol Shower Vapor Crystals made for a gratifying day. Setting up and breaking down is a tremendous amount of work, but it is worth it. Playing Store was always my favorite childhood game. Some things really do never change!

Below is a virtual tour of the booth, for those interested (read that: LOOK, Mommy!) lol. I created a new YouTube channel to post this, so I am now on a quest to gain 100 followers, so that I can claim a custom Youtube URL. Please, consider subscribing to my channel when you watch this video. You can always turn off notifications from me, if not really interested. THANKS!

Now that my public holiday sale events are over, I can concentrate on updating the website for all the holiday shipping orders I am going to attempt to not only generate, but actually accept, for the first time ever.

I usually shut down the page for shipping orders early in December, but this year I am going to brave the one-hour lines at the Post Office at least 2x and more usually 3x per week, for the duration. (No mail delivery or pick up available here “in Paradise”.)

I may also offer once-weekly local deliveries with a minimum order amount, which has yet to be decided. Stay tuned for more details – when I figure those out, I will post again.

I ordered new packaging at around 2AM for the next restock of what is slowly but surely becoming known around here as “Crystal MeNth”.

It’s okay, though. THIS is a healthful addiction.

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