Hi! I am Karen Rysavy.

I hand-craft all Re-Dew natural body products and cosmetics myself, very thoughtfully, according to recipes that I created. I have spent years testing and improving the products that I proudly make available to you now.

Re-Dew Body Products

  • NO Parabens!
  • NO Phthalates!
  • NO Formaldehyde-releasing preservatives!
  • NO Silicones!
  • NO Sulfates! such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, a.k.a. “SLS”, Sodium dodecyl sulfate, or Sodium Laureth Sulfate, a.k.a. SLES, its slightly less evil cousin.
  • NO Petroleum products or by-products! (such as propylene glycol)

I do my utmost to avoid harmful substances (though I do offer artificial fragrances in some products). I avoid unnecessary additives or fillers, to reduce packaging waste. I don’t use any pre-made bases, or take other shortcuts. I go out of my way to choose eco-friendly, top quality ingredients, and I follow or exceed Good Manufacturing Practices (industry standards) at all times.




4/28/21 – from R, Southworth, Waco TX – on Bee Happy Soap: I am typically not a “Bar of Soap” kinda’ girl, but I was impressed with the GIANT discounted pricing & I always stock up presents for holidays & special occasions…so I bought several.cThought I’d try one, and boy was I surprised! The decision to choose which fragrance was difficult…(I’m prone to Lavendar) but the others were very, very pleasant. I tried this Bee Happy first. I am in love! The lather is so gentle & soothing to my skin…I just love the sheer bag, as it’s an excellent exfoliant w/o the roughness of creams, and the overall experience is so enjoyable! Mother’s Day is soon & I know my friends & family will enjoy this new experience as well!!