WHY do I hand-craft body products and natural cosmetics? Just look at those faces! These are my eldest “GrandAngels” and I want to provide them with the healthiest choices in all things.

I was born in 1965, a true child of the 70’s, and remain a proud “old hippie” with all that entails. I grew up in Maine, where frugality is just common sense, and I have been living the principles of Reduce-Reuse-Recycle for far longer than it has been called that. I remember helping (probably more like watching and getting in the way) the older sisters of my friends make their own cosmetics, but back then, mail-order was a rarity, and decent ingredients were almost impossible to source.

These days – well, things have CHANGED! I can now make products that are chock-full of healthy ingredients that work BETTER than the ones in the store, unlike the results we were able to obtain back in the ‘good ole days’. That’s really important, because the skin is the largest organ in the body. It works incredibly well, which means that most of whatever you put on it ends up going into your bloodstream.

I started this quest just for “me and mine”, after I decided I couldn’t afford to actually buy the few products I could both find locally, and which I approved of. Once I started proudly gifting my finished products to friends, it became obvious that they were very willing to pay for my stuff, if only I would make enough of it.

By marketing my products directly (locally, online, and via word of mouth, but not in retail stores) I can sell them for only a little more than you would spend on their “regular” (read that: full of harmful, nasty chemicals) counterparts in the grocery store – and usually for far less than you will find them in health food stores or salons. Once you try them, you will see just how well they work, and how good you feel using them, and I have every confidence that you will be back for more…. win-win for both of us.